Hypnotherapy Training


Chris runs The Devon School of Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy Training

There are low-cost one-day hypnotherapy training courses available starting in some cases at just £12.50 for a full day running through to fully recognised diploma courses which can either be intensive or spread over a 10 month period.



The one-day courses are extremely popular and a low risk - low-cost way of learning parts of how the mind works, it includes a brief introduction to CBT and above all teaches you how to talk to yourself in a positive manner.


Certification in Hypnotherapy

(Hyp cert)

The certification courses run for a full weekend and will teach you how to put someone into and out of hypnosis safely, the vast majority of this weekend is practical teaching you different types of inductions from gentle permissive inductions through to more dramatic 'snap' or instant inductions.


Diploma in Hypnotherapy

(Dip Hyp, GQHP)

Finally, the hypnotherapy training finishes with our Diploma course covers ten modules, it is regulated by the GHSC, Britains largest hypnotherapy governing body. The qualification entitles you to practice as a fully qualified hypnotherapist and means you will be fully insurable. The training can be intense but is extremely rewarding. Again we focus on practical as much as possible which means that some of the hidden advantages come in the amount of hypnosis you will be receiving during the classes.

2018 Course Dates


Dates for self-hypnosis classeskey to the mind

Sunday 21st Jan 2018
September 2018
December 2018


Dates for The Certification coursekey to the mind

24th-25th February 2018
9th-10th June
15th-16th September
10th-11th November

Extra course dates t.b.c.


Dates for Diploma course

Start date: 24th-25th February 2018

Start date: 15-16th September 2018


*Dates and times of courses are subject to change.


All courses can be paid in monthly installments.

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