Are You Anxious?

I feel I am unable to stop or control worrying

I worry too much about things

I feel nervous, anxious or on edge

I have trouble relaxing

I feel so restless that sitting still is hard

I am easily annoyed or irritable

I feel afraid as if something bad is going to happen

Are You Anxious?
Severe Levels of Anxiety

You Have Severe Symptoms Of Anxiety We understand that those with severe symptoms of anxiety are having a difficult time. Severe levels of anxiety occur most often during stressful events such as a loss, a change in circumstances or a traumatic event. Most people find their levels return to normal after a period of time but those with severe anxiety should seek support and advice.
Moderate Level of anxiety

You have moderate symptoms of anxiety Moderate symptoms of anxiety often occur when we are dealing with a difficult situation. Perhaps you are dealing with a break-up, loss/new job or have moved to a new house. The good news is that once things settle down again your anxiety levels will too. If you feel your levels are not settling it is time to contact a professional for support and advice.
Low Level of anxiety

You have mild symptoms of anxiety There are many reasons why a person might have symptoms of anxiety including a change in personal or work circumstances or the school holidays. Some find that mild anxiety motivates them. Whilst this might be true for them, anxiety should not be a trigger for us to do more or dramatically change something in our lives. Taking positive active steps
No Anxiety

You do not show signs of anxiety Based on your answers you have no symptoms of anxiety. This means that whatever is going on in your life is serving you well, keep it up! It is important we look after ourselves and one way you can be sure is to do something you enjoy every day.

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