Expand Your Horizon: Flying With Hypnotherapy


The summer season is at last here! With that comes the time to pack those suitcases and leave for far-flung destinations. Many are terrified at the mere thought of boarding a plane; fear of flying affects 1 in 10. Perhaps the take-off and landing cause panic, perhaps it’s claustrophobia or some other related reason that is stopping you from exploring the world around you. Fears are often separated from phobias because after all, a phobia is an irrational fear…and there is plenty to be scared of when it comes to launching yourself into the air.



Perhaps you hate flying or it’s just the long-haul flights stress you out. Maybe you end up self-medicating with tranquilizers or alcohol to cope with the ordeal. Whilst these methods may work in the short term, none of them are particularly healthy solutions. Learning relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises are far more beneficial and effective, as can distractions like watching a movie or doing a puzzle book.

Fear of flying is such a common problem that many airlines offer courses for those who are afraid to take to the skies. These courses offer advice, education, support, relaxation, simulations and even short flights with 1-1 support.

It may appear an obvious way to deal with the fear is to simply avoid it, but this simply enforces the fear of making it worse.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool for removing phobias and fears. By tapping into the unconscious mind, information is able to be processed more effectively allowing for the rapid desensitisation of the phobia. A range of different techniques can be used, depending on how/when the phobia first came about. Guided visualisations specifically target fears in the form of mental graduated exposure therapy.

If you or someone you know is afraid of flying, contact us today and get ready to jet off to far-flung places stress-free.



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