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Read how to deal with addictions, facts and information about addictions. Addictions can range from alcohol through to smoking, drugs, sex or even work.

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss ?

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss really work? It’s a common question, Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss ? I mean really work?  I had a client come in for his 3rd session yesterday, to preserve his anonymity let’s call him Big Al. Big Al joked that he was on a seafood diet – he would see food and eat it....Continued



Perception. What is it? A brief chat about what perception is and how our perception of ourselves can affect our life     As a much younger man I used to kick a football around on a regular basis, I thought I was quite good, that was my perception! I then found out the painful way that I wasn't good enough...Continued

Gambling? How to Become a Real Winner

Gambling is becoming rife in our society. It might be anticipating winning.  It certainly creates a natural high.  The opportunities are greater today than at any previous time to take a gamble.  No longer is the domain of betting shops or racecourses.  Now, gambling occurs from the comfort of home, on the street using your telephone, even just sitting enjoying...Continued