Headache? Try Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Treating and preventing headaches with hypnosis is a cost-effective alternative to medication. In a recent study, researchers compared costings across several types of behavioural treatments with traditional drug treatments. The results gathered showed that behavioural treatment, over a three-month period, cost a third less than traditional drug treatment.     Hypnotherapy to Treat Underlying Stress Pain is the bodies wake-up call...Continued

Athletes and Hypnosis

Determined athletes are driven to find anything which will increase their ability over their competition, as well as help them perform optimally. Athletes use Hypnosis and imagery to improve their skill and game. Some of them consider the hypnosis as a magical effect and a legitimate form of treatment which many have said to of been very effective in promoting...Continued

Anger, Anger Management and Usain Bolt

Anger Management and Frustration Imagine you had to run a race against Usain Bolt. As you know Usain is currently the fastest man on earth and an athlete in his prime. If you ran against him, you would most probably lose the race, and if you gave it everything you’ve got you would be out of breath by the end...Continued

Expand Your Horizon: Flying With Hypnotherapy

  The summer season is at last here! With that comes the time to pack those suitcases and leave for far-flung destinations. Many are terrified at the mere thought of boarding a plane; fear of flying affects 1 in 10. Perhaps the take-off and landing cause panic, perhaps it’s claustrophobia or some other related reason that is stopping you from...Continued

IBS Treatment: Hypnotherapy

It is estimated that between five and eight million people in the UK alone suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Sadly, many spend their lives suffering the effects finding little or no relief from conventional treatments such as diet and medication. IBS is considered a minor condition although the symptoms can include; diarrhea and constipation, painful bloating and swelling of...Continued

Money Anxiety Disorder

  Money Anxiety Disorder or MAD is a condition where a person has constant worries surrounding money. (NB: Not officially recognised by Psychology UK). There are 7 main areas that most therapists recognise:     Overspending For those who overspend, they often find themselves stuck in a cycle. Overspenders tend to be nervous around the subject of money. The freedom...Continued

Addiction and the Brain

  Addiction comes from the Latin term ‘addicere’ meaning ‘to deliver’ or ‘to award’ or ‘to give oneself to’ Addiction has powerful effect on the brain that manifests in several ways: craving loss of control continuing use despite known negative consequences. Overcoming addiction is often long, slow, and complicated. In the 1930s, the belief was that people who developed addictions...Continued